Technical Website questions

1. Which browser and system settings should I use to successfully view the STIHL website?

The STIHL website is optimized for current standard computer configurations:

  • Screen resolution: at least 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • Browser: Internet Explorer Version 9.0 or higher, Safari Version 8 or higher, Firefox Version 36 or higher, Chrome Version 45 or higher.

We recommend that you keep your browser up to date with the available updates and service packs.

2. Why should I activate JavaScript in my browser?

JavaScript is used in lots of places on the website to facilitate navigation, for example opening new windows or displaying online forms correctly. JavaScript is activated in all browsers by default. If JavaScript has been deactivated in your browser, please activate it under "Preferences".

3. Why should 'Cookies' be enabled in my browser?

STIHL use Cookies on this website to continually optimize the website for our customers and to help with our web page design. STIHL do not use Cookies to gather customer's personal details or to read data from their hard drive. "Accept Cookies" is the default setting for all browsers. If "Accept Cookies" is deactivated in your browser, please activate this in the Internet Options.

If you would like to learn more about the usage of cookies please click here.

4. Why do I need a Flash plugin?

Some parts of the STIHL website use interactive applications created with Shockwave Flash. To use these you need the Flash plug-in, which is supplied from the manufacturer in most browsers from version 4.0 upward. If your browser cannot display flash pages you can download the free Flash plug-in from Adobe. Please note: STIHL will not be held liable for the content of external websites.