VIKING – a STIHL Group brand

VIKING – a STIHL Group brand

STIHL and VIKING - the perfect team for your garden maintenance

Within the STIHL Group VIKING is the strong green brand for the garden. Anyone using our garden tools can look forward to outstanding results, whether for mowing the lawn, composting garden waste or tilling the soil. VIKING is the name for innovative technology, high quality and excellent service.

As of 2019 the entire VIKING product line will be sold exclusively under the STIHL brand. The STIHL Group pledges that the regulations for VIKING products regarding warranty, spare parts and service will continue to apply after the brand change. As part of this change the company VIKING GmbH was renamed STIHL Tirol GmbH.

VIKING - Green Passion

VIKING's slogan is ‘Green Passion'. As a premium lawn mower brand we develop and produce machines packed with advanced technology and convenience features to make lawn care more efficient and give you a more perfect lawn. Garden shredders, power tillers and aerators complete the product range. With 30 years of expertise, excellent product quality and the outstanding service provided by VIKING approved dealers, VIKING has an established position within the STIHL Group.

STIHL Tirol GmbH STIHL Tirol GmbH

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