Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

In fiscal year 2018 the STIHL Group achieved a slight increase in unit sales of 1.5 percent and a turnover of EUR 3.78 billion. Therefore, the 0.3 percent dip in turnover was only slightly below last year's level. The strong euro exchange rate in particular had a negative impact on the turnover in euros. Had foreign exchange rates remained at the same level as 2017, turnover would have been up 4.2 percent. An equity ratio of 69.9 percent indicates that the financial structure of the company continues to be very sound. As a matter of principle, all investments are financed with the company's own liquid assets. The number of employees in the STIHL Group has reached a new record high. As of December 31, 2018, the company had a worldwide workforce of 17,122 men and women. That is equivalent to an increase of 7.9 percent over the previous year.

You can find more information about the fiscal year 2018 in the STIHL annual report and in the STIHL online annual reports https://ar2018.stihl.com.


Annual Report 2018

Find out about our financial situation and take a look at our annual report for the last business year.

STIHL Annual Report 2018
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