Direct product selection: Nature

STIHL NATURE is simple, beautiful and functional. Inspired by nature, these products are robust and uncomplicated – ideal for outdoor explorers as well as those who prefer their own four walls; because understatement is also a statement.

Jacket »ICON«
Jacket »ICON«, women
Badge field jacket
Fleece jacket »ICON«
Fleece jacket »ICON« women
Zip-up hoodie »ICON«
Zip-up hoodie »ICON«, women
Hoodie »ICON«, women
Pullover »ICON«
Pull-over Jacket »ICON«, men
CORK Sweatshirt »ICON«
Sweatshirt »ICON«, blue
Sweatshirt »ICON«, khaki
T-shirt »ICON«, grey, men
T-shirt »ICON«, blue, men
T-shirt »ICON«, khaki, men
T-shirt »ICON« grey, women
T-shirt »ICON«, khaki, women
T-shirt »ICON«, blue, women
T-shirt »ICON«, women, beige
Polo shirt »ICON«, blue
Polo shirt »ICON«, khaki
Polo shirt »ICON«, grey
Garment t-shirt »ICON«
Slub t-shirt »ICON«
Garment polo shirt »ICON«
Flannel shirt, red
Flannel shirt
Flannel shirt, blue
Cap »NATURE«, red
Cap »ICON SWEAT«, grey
Cap »ICON SWEAT«, blue
Cap »CORK«
Cap »WOOD«
Cap »ICON«
Beanie »ICON«, brown
Tube scarf
Multi-function snood »Forrest«
Socks »Forrest«
Functional socks »CAMOUFLAGE«
Functional socks
Pocket knife
Pocket knife with wooden handle
Belt bag
Drinking bottle
First aid set

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.