Safety Data Sheets

On the following pages you'll find the Safety Data Sheets.

Battery Documents

On the following pages you'll find the Battery Documents.

EU Vibration Directive

On the following pages you will find a variety of information about the European 'Vibration' Directive (2002/44/EC) concerning hand-arm vibration.

Declarations of conformity

On these pages you will find the EC type test certificates for our STIHL personal protective equipment products.

E10 – Gasohol (Ethanol/Gasoline Fuel Mixture)

E10 – Gasohol (Ethanol/Gasoline Fuel Mixture)

E10 fuel was introduced throughout the EU to conserve crude oil deposits and reduce climate impact. Learn more...

Important information Important information

Here, you'll find the latest important information about STIHL and VIKING products along with an overview of the warning messages.

To the important information

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