Competence in Magnesium Diecasting

From the basic idea to the finished product.

Magnesium Diecasting

More than forty years of know-how in diecasting magnesium, high engineering competence and a large range of source: From the basic idea to the finished product.

Components made from magnesium alloys have always played a vital part in many STIHL chainsaws and power tools. So that STIHL's high quality standards could be assured in the long term, STIHL set up a magnesium diecasting plant in 1971 and it was not long before leading manufacturers in the automotive and electrical engineering industries also came to rely on diecast precision "made by STIHL".

The STIHL magnesium diecasting plant The STIHL magnesium diecasting plant

In our blog, we give you an exclusive look behind the scenes at one of the world's largest and high-tech magnesium diecasting plants.

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