Technique and machine maintenance

Tool use and maintenance

STIHL offers every user, from occasional to professional, the right tools for maintaining the cutting attachment.Your safety has always been an important part of our everyday work. So we have produced some special safety manuals for you which you can view here. Combined with the correct technique you will make safe and effective progress.

Hedge trimmer maintenance

Thorough and regular maintenance of your hedge trimmer will guarantee the durability of your power tool. We tell you what you need to know.

Winterizing a Lawn Mower

We recommend winterising your lawn mower before the cold season starts. These are the key things to do before storing it away for winter.

Hedge Trimmer Sharpening

Resin and thick branches blunt cutting blades over time. We explain how sharpening your hedge trimmer can be done quickly and easily.

Handling a brushcutter

Here we show you step by step and with lots of detailed pictures how to start your STIHL brushcutter ...

The correct way to cut hedges

For everyone wishing to maintain their hedges or individual shrubs, ...

Sharpening the saw chain

Principles – Sharpening Saw Chain

STIHL offers the right tools for everyone wanting to service a cutting attachment. The following pages are designed to help you find the tools you need to service your cutting attachments and learn how to use them.

Protective equipment

Comfortable to wear, optimum protection. Safety is very important to STIHL. …

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