Garden Care Tips

Garden care

On this page you will find tips, advice and ideas compiled by STIHL in co-operation with experienced gardening and outdoor professionals. These range from basic tips for beginners on garden maintenance all the way to detailed professional know-how for ambitious leisure-time gardeners. Enjoy looking through them!

How to lay a lawn

A healthy lawn becomes a beautiful, fresh green centrepiece in your garden. We tell you how to lay a new lawn and take care of it.

How to feed your lawn

Fertilising your lawn replenishes the nutrients it loses through mowing, but choosing the right feed is key – our guide tells you how.

How to mow your lawn

Regular mowing is a must for a tidy garden, but also for a healthy lawn. Mow your way to a lush, green lawn with our expert guide.

Lawn care in Spring

In spring, gardening starts up again – including lawn care. Our guide tells you what's necessary for beneficial spring lawn treatment.

Gardening in spring: pruning, potting, sowing

Here you can read our tips for gardening in spring.

Lawn Care in Summer

Whether the summer brings a heatwave or a downpour, your lawn has a lot to contend with. We show you the most effective ways to protect it.

Gardening in Summer

Our tips will turn your summer garden into a blossoming paradise, and you can look forward to a rich harvest.

Lawn care in Autumn

Your lawn needs special care to get through the coldest months. We give you the key information you need to look after your lawn in autumn.

What is mulching

Mulching uses natural garden waste as a source of nutrients for your soil. Mulch mowing means you get a healthy lawn while saving time and resources.


Turn your green waste into nature's gold ...

How to prune fruit trees

Fruit trees need to be cut regularly to stay productive – but getting it wrong it can do more harm than good. Find out how to prune them properly.

Hedge maintenance and care

With the right maintenance and care, your hedge will be more than a boundary – it will be the pride of your garden. We have the expert tips you need.

How to trim hedges

A beautiful and healthy hedge makes a perfect frame for any garden. Our guide gives you all the information and plenty of tips on how to trim hedges.

Tips for the perfect lawn Tips for the perfect lawn

In our blog, we have put together four tips on how to care for your lawn.

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