Handling brushcutters well in any situation

Handling a brushcutter

There's always a lot to do in the garden. STIHL brushcutters offer flexibility. 

Here we show you step by step how to start your STIHL brushcutter. You will also learn the correct way to use your brushcutter effectively. And all the information can be printed so that you always have it handy when using the machine.

Starting the brushcutter

Find out how to start your STIHL brushcutter ...

Selecting and installing cutting attachments

Here's how to assemble your brushcutter and prepare it correctly for use ...

Personal protective equipment

Good protective clothing provides you with the best possible protection...

Before starting

We show you which oils and lubricants your brushcutter needs and the correct way to refuel...…

Mowing technique

Correct mowing technique saves you a lot of time ...

The correct way to store brushcutters

Find out how to get your brushcutter safely through the winter. …


The instructions on the following pages should be regarded as supplementary to the Instruction Manual supplied with your STIHL brushcutter. The pictures are only examples of brushcutters. Different brushcutter models may have different controls. So, before starting to use your brushcutter please familiarise yourself with the machine, read the Instruction Manual carefully and if you have any questions please contact your local STIHL representative.

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