How to make a DIY wooden star

How to make a wooden star

Homemade keepsakes and decorations are a special way of spreading joy. Find out how to make a wooden star that is sure to delight.

How to make a wooden star: preparation

Protective equipment: designed to keep you safe

Using powerful tools in your DIY projects is fun and means you can extend your abilities, which is great as long as you are relying on effective and safe protective clothing while using them. Always wear personal protective equipment when working with your chainsaw. This includes a helmet, cut protection trousers, safety boots, and more. The operating manual for your product contains more details. Fully familiarise yourself with the tool before you use your chainsaw for the first time, and check it is in flawless condition before each use. On request, your STIHL dealer will be happy to prepare your tool for its first use, and will also advise you on models and sizes of protective clothing that you can try at your leisure. Please remember that personal protective equipment is no substitute for safe working techniques.

Full DIY power



If you want to do intricate work with wood, a STIHL chainsaw is the best tool for the job. We recommend using saws that feature low vibration and kickback levels.

Our lightweight chainsaws from the mid-range power class with a STIHL Rollomatic bar are ideal.

MSA 200 C-B > or MS 211 >

A red log cabin among trees

How to make a wooden star: materials

Wood for the star

  • A log, approximately 30 to 40 cm in diameter (birch, lime and pine are good for beginners; maple or cherry for experienced carvers)


  • Sawhorse
  • Tensioning belt
  • STIHL chainsaw
  • Chalk for marking
  • Paper or cardboard star template
  • Metre rule or wooden slat as a straight edge
How to make a wooden star: a STIHL MS 261 C-M petrol chainsaw with M-Tronic, paper star template and a log secured to a sawhorse with a STIHL tensioning belt

Make a wooden star: step-by-step instructions

With all your tools and materials together, you can start work on your wooden decoration. Our instructions are for a chunky star ornament – and the method means it easy to make a few at once too. Check your working area is safe: you should have plenty of space to work in, there should be no trip hazards or other risks, and people and animals should be out of the area.

Make a wooden star step 1: fix and mark your log

  • Fix the wooden log onto a sawhorse with a tensioning belt.
  • Position your star template at the centre of the end face of the log.
  • Use chalk to draw around the star template
  • If you want to make a star that uses the whole diameter of your log but have a template that is too small, you can use the template to mark the five points on the outer edge of the log; then use a ruler to draw in the star itself.
Make a wooden star: a man using a template and ruler to draw a star on a secured log with chalk

Make a wooden star step 2: create the star shape

  • You need to use your chainsaw to cut into the wood and make it into a star shape.
  • Starting with your chainsaw against the bark, saw diagonally down into the wood along two lines, to create the top point of your star; stop cutting when you reach the next marked line.
  • Try to keep the bar as level as possible so that you don’t make too deep a cut with the bar nose and saw into the next point.
  • Turn the log so the next point is pointing upwards and make two cuts as before.
  • Repeat until you have sawn out all the pre-drawn lines and you can see the wooden star shape is ready.
  • You need to make some extra cuts further down the log and straight into it so you can remove the excess wood. Take care when you do this, as you don’t want to cut the star off the main log yet.
Make a wooden star: a person removing excess pieces from a log partly carved into a star shape

Make a wooden star step 3: slice off your star

  • Once you’ve made the basic shape, you can simply take a slice from your star log, of whatever thickness you want your wooden star to be. At this stage it’s easy to make several stars at once.
Make a wooden star: a person slices a star from a log using the STIHL MS 261 C-M chainsaw

Make a wooden star step 4: finish and care

  • We recommend treating your wooden star appropriately so that it is protected and looks beautiful for a long time to come.
  • If the wood is dry and the ornament is intended for indoor use, you can leave the surface unfinished if you like.
  • If the wood is semi-dry, it’s best to treat it with an interior varnish that is suitable for use on toys (e.g. beeswax varnish).
  • If you want to use your star outdoors, make it weather-resistant with a suitable wax or wood sealer.
Make a wooden star: two wooden stars on leaves and snow-covered moss

Summary: make a wooden star

  • Coniferous woods such as birch, lime and pine, are ideal choices for chainsaw carving beginners
  • Experienced amateur carvers can also use harder woods like maple or cherry
  • Always wear personal protective equipment when working with your chainsaw. You can find details in the operating instructions for your tool. (LINK SUPPORT)
  • Draw the star on the wood and carefully cut it out one point at time, turning the log for each point and making long cuts
  • With this method you can make several stars from one piece
  • Treat the wood with an interior varnish like beeswax, or use a wood sealer if the decoration is intended for outdoor use

How do you make wooden stars?

You can make wooden stars with your chainsaw and a log. Secure the log, mark out your star on the end face and use long cuts to create the shape, turning the log as you work. After removing the excess wood, you can simply saw off slices from the star-shaped part of the log.

How do you cut wooden stars?

To cut wooden stars from a log, secure the wood in a sawhorse. Mark your star onto the end and saw into the log, creating one star point at a time and turning the log as you go. After you remove the excess wood, you can just saw slices off the star-shaped part of the log.