Direct product selection: Accessories for chain saws
Accessories for chain saws

Accessoires for chain saws

Cutting firewood − comfortably and conveniently

STIHL’s sturdy sawhorses bring a new level of comfort and convenience to cutting firewood and chopping tree trunks. They come in different wooden and metal designs, and can also include wing nuts or a chain for fixing tree trunks in place.

ULTRASONIC Goggles - Clear
Combination socket tool
Combination socket tool, width across flats 19–16
Chainsaw scabbard for arborist saws
Multi-function tool
Chainsaw scabbard extension
Chainsaw bag
Extension cable
Chainsaw case
SUPER FIT, Glasses, red
Laser 2-in-1
Holder 1130 for STIHL Laser 2-in-1
Holder 1139 for STIHL Laser 2-in-1
Holder 1127 for STIHL Laser 2-in-1
Holder 1143 for STIHL Laser 2-in-1
Holder 1121 for STIHL Laser 2-in-1
Holder 1141 for STIHL Laser 2-in-1
Holder 1144 for STIHL Laser 2-in-1
Wooden sawhorse
Metal sawhorse
Smart Holder sawhorse
Refitted Chain quick tensioning

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