STIHL recalls a limited production range of battery lawnmowers STIHL RMA 235.0

Waiblingen, 27 November 2023

STIHL RMA 235.0 recall

Investigations have shown that the normative requirements according to blade braking time are not fulfilled on some of the machines.

Therefore, there may be an increased risk of injury to the user.

As a responsible manufacturer, STIHL has decided to issue a recall for the potentially affected machines. As part of this recall, the potentially affected machines will be inspected and repaired if necessary.

This potentially affects the machines with the following serial number ranges.

Material Number Description Serial Number
RMA 235.0 (INT1)
Battery Lawnmower
RMA 235.0 (INT2) Battery Lawnmower
RMA 235.0 (RoW) Battery Lawnmower 949131699-949131908

If you own a potentially affected STIHL RMA 235.0 battery lawnmower, please stop using the machine immediately.

Please contact your local STIHL dealer regarding the inspection and any necessary repair. This inspection and any necessary repair will be free of charge for you.

We ask for your understanding for this precautionary measure. Please take this action in the interest of your own safety.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local STIHL dealer.

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