STIHL HP high-performance engine oil

STIHL HP high-performance engine oil The efficiency and life of STIHL high-performance machines is partly determined by the quality of the engine oil. Only good engine oil can reliably lessen friction and thus reduce wear. Our STIHL HP mineral-oil based high-performance engine oil is suitable for most air-cooled high-performance two-stroke engines (with separate lubrication and mix lubrication systems) in temperate and hot climate zones.

Well matched.

STIHL HP was developed specifically to meet the needs of STIHL engines. This high-performance engine oil reduces carbonizing of the combustion chamber and exhaust system and is not harmful to gaskets. This supports our machines, even in continuous duty under full load.

Protection, day after day.

STIHL HP guarantees lubrication and protection from wear and thus helps to prolong engine life. It works reliably with little carbonization. STIHL HP leaves only a small amount of residue in the engine during combustion. That avoids pre-ignition, uncontrolled combustion and spark plug failure. The engine retains its efficiency for a long time.

Good self mixing properties.

The strong red colour makes it easy to see the progress of mixing.

The advantages for you at a glance

Performance HP HP SuperHP Ultra
Cleanliness + +++++
Protection performance + +++++
Lubrication + +++++
Motor power + +++++

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