Europe: Non-compliant chains saws dangerous

Europe: Non-compliant chains saws dangerous

Increasing numbers of "non-compliant products" are being sold on the European market through different channels of distribution. In this context the term "non-compliant" means non-fulfilment of the relevant legal requirements, especially the safety and emissions regulations for the protection of users.

The DPLF (Deutsche Prüf- und Zertifizierungsstelle für Land- und Forsttechnik), a recognized, accredited and neutral testing institute subjected a number of different chainsaw models to all the tests that such machines have to pass before they are put onto the EU market. The machines tested did not fulfil the statutory requirements of the harmonized safety and environment standards. This means that the user and third parties are exposed to a substantially higher risk of injury, and also an increased risk of damage to health and the environment due to impermissibly high exhaust emissions. In the latter case values were measured which are many times higher than the legally permitted limits. The conclusion is that machines of identical construction may not be placed on the market within the legal boundaries of the EU – any machines already on the market represent a serious risk.

The devastating consequences become particularly clear in a direct comparison carried out with an original STIHL MS 440 and a non-compliant PowerHaus KW 6500 on the basis of three tests selected as examples. The PowerHaus KW 6500 not only represents a danger to the user, it also misleads him by giving him the impression of an original product with its typical STIHL color scheme and thus infringes the orange/light gray color brand.

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Qualitätsvergleich MS 440 mit PowerHaus KW 6500 Quality comparison: MS 440 and PowerHaus KW 6500

Test for the mandatory mechanical requirements on chain saws with a non-conforming product.

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