M-Tronic: fully electronic engine management

Starting up. Working away. Restarting. Always a perfect start.

No matter if you're just starting up, working away or restarting your chain saw after a break, M-Tronic takes perfect control of ignition timing and fuel dosage whatever the operating status, and with electronic precision. It even takes account of external conditions like temperature, elevation and fuel quality. Letting you get off to a perfect start so you can concentrate on the job at hand – whether you're felling, pruning or bucking.

The M-Tronic technology

The cornerstone of M-Tronic technology is its control unit featuring a microprocessor, electronic temperature recognition and ignition system. The microprocessor represents the "brains" of M-Tronic. All relevant information on the status of the tool feeds into this. The result: an electronically precise supply of fuel – taking operating status and external conditions into account – means you will always benefit from optimal engine performance. It also saves you time and energy since you no longer have to worry about manual carburetor adjustments.

Your M-Tronic benefits

STIHL products with M-Tronic

Chain saw STIHL MS 261 C-M with M-Tronic

Compact, powerful and fitted with the M-Tronic (M) fully electronic engine management as standard – the new STIHL MS 261 C-M chain saw.

STIHL MS 362 C-M chain saw with M-Tronic

STIHL MS 362 C-M chain saw with M-Tronic

More power, lighter weight and M-Tronic fully electronic engine management.

STIHL clearing saws FS 490 C, FS 510 C, 560 C

STIHL clearing saws FS 490 C, FS 510 C, 560 C

Thanks to their extraordinary power and robust design, the new STIHL clearing saws are the choice of professionals. With these new premium-class tools, removing brush and uncontrolled growth, mowing large areas, or shredding and sawing in the forest are all easier than ever.