E10 – Gasohol (Ethanol/Gasoline Fuel Mixture)

E10 – Gasohol (Ethanol/Gasoline Fuel Mixture)

E10 fuel was introduced throughout the EU to conserve crude oil deposits and reduce climate impact.

The designation E10 is an abbreviation: The "E" stands for the ethyl alcohol (i.e., ethanol) that is added to the gasoline. The number 10 indicates that the mixture may contain up to 10% ethanol. Ordinary premium-grade gasoline – containing a maximum of 5% ethanol – remains available.

E10 can be recognized by the designation "NormalE10", "SuperE10" or "SuperPlusE10" on the nozzles and/or fuel pumps.

As a rule, E10 fuel is compatible with all STIHL chain saws and power tools, as well as VIKING gardening tools with engines by Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki and Kohler. A carburetor adjustment may be required in order to compensate for the changed fuel composition. For this, we recommend visiting a STIHL servicing dealer.

STIHL recommends storing a 2-cycle fuel mixture prepared using E10 fuel for no more than 30 days in order to minimize phase separation. In this context, "phase separation" means: the ethanol absorbs moisture from the air and settles to the bottom of the canister. This can cause engines to run roughly or not at all. Phase separated fuel is no longer suitable for use even after being shaken vigorously.

In general, unsuitable fuels or a fuel/oil mixing ratio that deviates from the specification can lead to engine damage.

That is why STIHL MotoMix and MotoPlus fuels are always the best choice. They are specially formulated for these engines and ensure high performance and long service life. In addition, unlike the fuel available at gas stations, these fuels can be stored even for prolonged periods of time without trouble.