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Head protection

Head protection

Combinations for your safety

All good things come from above, as the saying goes. But that is not always the case. In the woods or large areas of greenery, branches can swiftly find their way down – especially after a storm. To ensure your head is well protected when working with power tools, you can find a range of various comfortable helmets with integrated face and ear protection.

Model Ear protection ­ Sound level ­dBA
FUNCTION Universal helmet set SNR 26
FUNCTION Basic helmet set SNR 24
DYNAMIC SPECIAL helmet set SNR 28 (H:35, M:26,L:16) 108
DYNAMIC EXPERT helmet set SNR 28 (H:35, M:26,L:16) 108
DYNAMIC EXTREM helmet set SNR 28 (H:35, M:26,L:18) 108
DYNAMIC Ergo helmet set SNR 28 (H:34; M:25; L:18)
DYNAMIC X-Ergo helmet set
Helmet set ADVANCE X-Vent SNR 29 (H: 34, M: 27, L: 19)
Helmet set ADVANCE X-Vent Sound SNR 27 (H: 30, M: 25, L: 18)
ADVANCE Vent SNR 27 (H: 30, M: 25, L: 18)
SPECIAL INTEGRA helmet set SNR 26 (H:25, M:24, L:18) 106
SPECIAL DYNAMIC LIGHT arborist helmet SNR 21 (H:22, M:18. L:16) 101
SPECIAL VENT PLUS arborist helmet set SNR 28 (H:35, M:26,L:16) 108
Set ear defenders DYNAMIC Sound
Chin strap ADVANCE Vent
Visor extension
Integrated safety glasses
Internal rain protection attachment

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.