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Performance Box Sizes S with AP 200, AP 300 and AL 300

Performance battery box with AP 300 and AP 200 battery and AL 300 charger: Safe transport and storage of a battery set


With the STIHL Performance battery box containing an AP 300, AP 200 and AL 300, you can conveniently and compactly take STIHL  AP System batteries and charger with you to your place of work. The set consists of an  AP 300 battery (227 Wh),  AP 200 battery (187 Wh) and AL 300 quick charger, safely stored in an impact-resistant plastic box.

The STIHL Performance battery box can be easily opened and closed with the two snap fasteners. Inside, an inlay with matching recesses for the batteries and the quick charger keeps everything securely in place. Thanks to the practical carrying handle, professionals and domestic users alike can conveniently transport the STIHL Performance battery box. It is also compatible with Sortimo L-BOXXes and the Sortimo Globelyst vehicle system.


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