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Protective feet for HTA 135, HTA 160, HLA 135 and KMA 135 R

Protective foot for HTA 135, HTA 160, HLA 135 and KMA 135 R: Protects the battery from damage


When working with your cordless pole pruners STIHL HTA 135, STIHL HTA 160 or the STIHL HLA 135 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer, the STIHL HTA 135, HTA 160, HLA 135 and KMA 135 R protective feet prevent the battery from coming into direct contact with the ground. The protective foot protects the battery of your STIHL power tool from moisture and dirt when it comes into contact with the ground, for example when cutting difficult-to-reach areas. This means that the protective foot helps to ensure that your STIHL AP System battery can be used with full power.

Our powerful STIHL HTA 135 and STIHL HTA 160 cordless pole pruners come with the protective foot as standard. You can optionally retrofit it for the STIHL HLA 135 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer. The STIHL protective foot is also compatible with the STIHL KMA 135 R cordless KombiEngine.


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