STIHL Service Kit

Regular Maintenance - Easier Than Ever

Proactive and regular maintenance such as replacing the air and fuel filter and the spark plug can increase the service life of your machine. In this way, you yourself contribute to preventing components and parts from dirt and damage and to ensuring that your machine always operates reliably and with optimum performance.

The Service Kit includes the matching spark plug, fuel filter and air filter.

This is how the change of components works:

Take care of your STIHL machine and it will not let you down!

You will find all the necessary STIHL Genuine Parts for regular maintenance in the STIHL Service Kit. These can be replaced very easily and conveniently. If you have any questions, please also contact our service partner - your STIHL dealer.

How to change the air filter correctly?

How To change the spark plug correctly?

How to change the fuel filter correctly?

What tools do I use for this maintenance?

For maintenance, it is best to use the easy-to-use combination wrench that you have already received with your STIHL machine. A cardboard hook is integrated in the packaging box of the Service Kit. This allows you to remove and replace the fuel filter. You need no additional tools.

WHY STIHL Air Filters?

The long filter service life of STIHL air filters ensures long operating times for your machine. Dirty filters reduce engine performance, increase fuel consumption and make starting the machine more difficult. By using STIHL genuine parts, the engine is protected against the entering of abrasive dust. Rough dirt particles are already filtered on its surface, while the fine dirt particles are filtered inside the filter. The STIHL paper filter is splashproof due to its coated surface.

Why change the spark plug?

To maintain performance, it is recommended to change the spark plug regularly. This is essential for a clean combustion in the engine.

What is the function of the fuel filter?

The fuel filter maintains the fuel free of external particles before it enters the engine. It therefore protects the engine and ensures improved longevity. It should also be replaced regularly to ensure reliable performance.


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