Waiblingen, 20.05.2014

Groundbreaking ceremony at STIHL in Waiblingen: Engineering center extension and new production logistics building

STIHL is extending its engineering center in Waiblingen and building a new production logistics facility. The symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for both projects took place on May 20, 2014. The overall investment for the buildings amounts to more than EUR 65 million. The extension to the existing engineering center provides 11,000 square meters of additional space for about 180 workplaces. Apart from research and development, production in Waiblingen will also benefit. By transferring production logistics to Waiblingen-Neustadt from its previous location in Ludwigsburg STIHL will make gains in efficiency, reduce its freight traffic and greatly simplify logistics. The buildings are to be opened in 2016.

Commitment to German base at founding company in Waiblingen
Dr. Nikolas Stihl, STIHL advisory board chairman, said: "These building projects are an expression of our confidence in the future of this business location and the continuing successful development of the STIHL Group as a whole." STIHL executive board chairman Dr. Bertram Kandziora emphasized the company's close ties with the town of Waiblingen: "This groundbreaking ceremony is a symbol for the commitment of the family-owned company to Waiblingen as its corporate headquarters. In erecting these new buildings we are creating excellent preconditions for strengthening our competitiveness and also our loyalty to Waiblingen."

Waiblingen‘s mayor Andreas Hesky wished both projects smooth and successful progress. "The town of Waiblingen looks forward together with STIHL to the extension at plant 2, which represents a further mark of allegiance to the corporate headquarters and Waiblingen. The building will blend in well with its surroundings and take ecological requirements into account." STIHL works council chairman Udo Salomon said: "STIHL's healthy growth is reflected in building activities throughout the world. The works council and all employees are particularly pleased when they hear that STIHL is building new facilities in Germany."

Unit-type heating and power station for reduced energy consumption
Furthermore, STIHL is building on the company's land a gas-fired unit-type heating and power station, which will deliver about 1.2 MW of electricity as well as 1.2 MW of heat and, as from 2015, contribute towards the company's energy supply. In the summer months, an absorption type refrigerating machine will produce cold air from the heat emitted by the heating and power station to cool the production shop. Thanks to the efficiency of the unit-type heating and power station, the amount of primary energy used will be substantially reduced – a valuable contribution to environmental protection for a total investment of around EUR 4 million.

Greater synergy effects and efficiency
The new engineering center building will be erected next to the existing engineering center. It will provide new offices, workshops, testing bays and laboratories and incorporate a multi-functional dining facility, a conference area and a central green piazza. Associated departments will be integrated in order to achieve synergy effects. Space will be created for new development projects – especially for the development of environment friendly corded and cordless electric products.

The modern production logistics facility with high-bay warehouse will be erected directly next the production and assembly shops. Representing an investment of more than EUR 40 million, the new building has a gross covered volume of some 185,000 cubic meters. Featuring a multi-function warehouse and an automated high-bay warehouse, it will make production logistics much more efficient.

Groundbreaking ceremony at STIHL in Waiblingen: Engineering center extension and new production logistics building: (from left to right) Prof. Roland Dieterle (architect), Waiblingen's mayor Andreas Hesky, Dr. Bertram Kandziora, Dr. Nikolas Stihl, Udo Salomon and Hans-Günther Friedrich (architect).

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