Craft your own STIHL forestry worker, "Paper Jack"!

Download crafting template

How it works:

No glue or tape necessary – all the parts can simply be tucked into each other. Have scissors and a box cutter ready:

  • Download the crafting template for forestry worker Jack and print it out on A4 paper - somewhat thicker paper if possible (paper with 200 g/m2 is ideal)
  • Carefully cut out all seven patterns on both sides.
  • Fold and crease along the dotted white lines.
  • Cut along all the yellow lines using a box cutter.
  • Stick the light grey flaps into the slits with the matching label (for example, put the AL1 flap into the AL1 slit).7. Put the seven individual patterns together: simply tuck the flaps into the slits with the respective label.
  • Done! Have fun with Paper Jack!

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