Declarations of conformity

Certificates of conformity

Hand Protection

Protective gloves DYNAMIC Protect MS 0088 610 0008/..09/..10/..11/..12 157 KB
Gloves DYNAMIC Duro 0088 611 1308 - ...1311 157 KB

Warning Protection

Protective jacket Protect MS 0088 326 04xx 216 KB
Protective jacket Vent 0088 326 01xx 216 KB
Protective trousers Protect FS 0088 534 00xx 215 KB
Protective trousers Protect MS 0088 399 01xx 216 KB

Rain Protection Clothes

Weatherproof jacket Duroflex 0088-554-02xx 213 KB
Weatherproof jacket DYNAMIC 0088-553-00xx 211 KB
Weatherproof jacket Raintec 0088-554-01xx 213 KB
Weatherproof trousers Raintec 0088-352-00xx 210 KB

Working clothes for work with tools

Leg Protector HS Protector 0000-885-2200 215 KB
Work trousers MultiProtect HS 0088-459-01xx 217 KB
Work trousers Protect FS 0088-458-00xx 211 KB
Work trousers TriProtect FS 0088-458-01xx 211 KB
Work trousers X-Climb 0088-494-00xx 211 KB

Safety Footwear

Protective Boots FUNCTION 0088 532 04xx 157 KB
Protective Boots DYNAMIC S3 0088 532 01xx 154 KB
Protective Shoes DYNAMIC GTX 0088 532 02xx 191 KB
Protective Shoes WORKER S2 0088 530 01xx 190 KB

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