Professionals can aim much higher with the
STIHL HT 103 / HT 133 pole pruner.

STIHL Hochentaster HT 103 / HT 133

High performance, huge relief – the STIHL HT 103 / HT 133 is equipped with specially developed additional components, making it exceptionally light, ergonomic, and precise. Demanding tree maintenance tasks, free cutting, and pruning are all accomplished effortlessly and efficiently. A broad range of cutting tasks can be tackled quickly and easily thanks to the powerful 4-MIX® engine.

STIHL HT 133 pole pruner

Significantly reduced weight, very comfortable to operate and wear, high engine performance, and excellent precision: professional users can reach their ambitious goals with the STIHL HT 133 pole pruner.

To the full-length description of the STIHL HT 133

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