The STIHL TS 440 cut-off machine

The powerful choice for limited access cuts

The STIHL TS 440 cut-off machine

The TS 440 with extended guard adjustment provides easier access for cutting pipes, wall sections and cutting in corners. The extended guard adjustment is made possible due to the innovative STIHL QuickStop wheel brake technology. The TS 440 is the first cut-off machine in the world equipped with sensor-activated wheel brake technology, designed to stop the rotation of the cutting wheel within fractions of a second in the event of a kickback when the guard is in the open position. Furthermore the machine contains many of the tried-and-tested features and technical details. It is versatile enough for general construction applications and ideally suited for limited access cuts.

Product advantages

Video STIHL TS 440

With the STIHL QuickStop wheel brake.

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