STIHL sprayers and mistblowers for pest management

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STIHL sprayers and mistblowers for pest management

Whether you're a weekend gardener or a professional operator, STIHL has the right tool for every pest management and plant care task. With the right accessories on hand, STIHL sprayers and mistblowers can tackle all kinds of tasks, from weed control in flower beds and pest control in vineyards. Operation is as simple and comfortable as you are used to, and the results are impressive. STIHL sprayers and mistblowers are a labour-saving way to help protect your plants.

STIHL sprayers

STIHL sprayers

potted plants and container planting, young plants and seedlings, vegetable and flower beds, small shrubs and trees

  • Precise treatment of low-growing plants as well as of individual, more delicate plants
  • The liquid is brought under pressure by pumping, and is sprayed out through a nozzle
  • For use inside and outside: around the house, in the garden, for medium-high planting (beds) and in greenhouses
  • For applying fluids (Pesticides, plant strengtheners, fertilisers)
  • Suitable for weed control, due to minimal spray drift (jet spray)
STIHL mistblowers

STIHL mistblowers

tall vegetable crops, vines, shrubs, trees

  • Treatment of tall plants with thick foliage
  • Petrol engine causes blower to spin, creating an air stream. Leaves are stirred up. Liquid is dispensed into the air stream
  • For outside use only: for fruit and vegetable growing, viticulture and tree nurseries
  • For applying liquids (Pesticides, plant strengtheners, fertilisers), seed, powder and granules
  • Not suitable for weed control due to high spray drift rate (cloud spray)
Spritz- und Sprühgeräte Broschüre Sprayers and mistblowers brochure

STIHL has the right tool for every pest management and plant care task.

Sprayers and mistblowers brochure (PDF, 2.75 MB)

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