Viscosity testing

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Viscosity testing

What fuels us: Research
Even though you may not see it at first glance, your STIHL tool is the result of great expertise and a considerable amount of research. That not only applies to the device itself, but also to STIHL fuels, oils and lubricants. We develop the majority of these resources ourselves, before we run them through their paces, too. But why do we do this? Because we know that our engines can only perform at the optimum level if they are running on high-quality fuels, oils and lubricants.

Quality products answering real-life issues
Our development activities are focussed on questions such as: How much residue do our fuels leave during combustion? How does the tool run from a cold start? How biodegradable is the product? What’s the oil viscosity like at different temperatures? We find the answers to these questions and then define the optimum balance of factors. To do so, we have our own laboratories in which our specialists conduct their research, development and testing activities. We are proud of the fact that we can offer you all of this expertise from a single source – in familiar STIHL quality.

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