Saw chain testing

You can perfect your skills because we´ve perfected the cutting characteristics.

Saw chain testing

Like a hot knife through butter
It's certainly an impressive sight to see our cutting robots making short work of the wood on our saw chain testing bench. Here, the cutting performance of our in-house developed saw chains is put under scrutiny in real conditions.

Moist wood – an absolute must
Above all, real-life conditions mean moistening the wood in a special sprinkler system before the saw chains are tested. This reflects the moisture in the wood after the tree is felled. The tree trunks are kept moist to simulate real-life cutting conditions as authentically as possible.

Saw chain speed meets cutting performance
The computer-supported measurement process compares real performance with the development standards. Our colleagues are particularly interested in the cutting performance in the wood and the chain speed on the test rack. There’s one thing we can be sure of: These tests deliver values any engineer would be proud of. And ultimately, you’re the ones who benefit from this expertise on a day-to-day basis.

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