Magnesium diecasting

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Magnesium diecasting

Tools want to keep their weight down too
When you use your hedge trimmer or chain saw for a sustained period of time, you'll soon notice that every gramme counts. That's why reducing tool weight is one of the cornerstones of our research and development activities. Weight reduction is achieved through the use of one material in particular, which is not only extremely light, it is also unrivalled in terms of strength: Magnesium.

Unique qualities
In its purest form, magnesium is around one-third lighter than aluminium. What’s more, it can also be processed extremely accurately, meeting our standards of precision. We work with magnesium at our STIHL plant in Prüm using a special diecast manufacturing method. This allows us to produce any shape of magnesium alloy component imaginable, including large or particularly thin forms. We mainly produce components for use in our petrol engines, but we also manufacture complete guidances, such as those used for our hedge trimmers. That saves weight and material costs, and lightens the load for you, too.

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