Acoustic measurement

You like it clean, we make it quiet.

Acoustic measurement

Power comes in quiet packages
When you enter the acoustic measurement room in STIHL plant 2, it takes your breath away. The silence in the room is absolutely jaw-dropping. It's an experience in itself, but there's a good reason for the peace and quiet. This is where our acoustic development engineers measure the noise levels of our tools. An array of microphones dotted around the room record the sound.

Focus on people and the environment
These measurements are our contribution to reducing the noise impact of power tools both on neighbourhoods and the surrounding environment. We measure the noise pressure level at the height of users’ ears. This allows us to judge whether hearing protection is necessary while using a tool. The sound power level is documented on the enveloping surface of the tool. This value is the standard for noise emission in the immediate vicinity. You can find this label on all of our tools, meaning you can pick your tool of choice from our wide range of products according to noise criteria.

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