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STIHL HSA 25 cordless shrub shears

STIHL HSA 25 cordless shrub shears

Get every corner of your garden to look its very best with the new STIHL HSA 25 cordless shrub shears. Combining ease of use with the ultimate in precision, this light-weight, handy tool really comes into its own when working on details. The STIHL HSA 25 is particularly suitable for maintaining and contouring small-leaved ornamental trees, shrubs and evergreen hedges, as well as for trimming lawn edges. And thanks to its powerful battery, you get to enjoy complete mobility and a long running time.

The benefits

Great cutting precision

  • Light, compact and highly accurate.
    Good things come in small packages: Thanks to its low weight and ultra-short cutting tool, the STIHL HSA 25 is both extremely handy and easy to use. This tool takes the strain out of precision cutting, making it ideal for all jobs requiring meticulous attention to detail on hedges and shrubs, as well as for the precise trimming of lawn edges.

Comfortable handling

  • Smooth-running and easy to hold
    Get a firm grip on your garden: Thanks to its ergonomic, rubbercoated handle, the STIHL HSA 25 can be held safely and comfortably. Its reciprocating blades ensure easy guidance without any annoying vibrations. The result: exquisitely cut hedges and perfectly manicured lawn edges.
  • Cordless and full of energy
    Power to go: The STIHL HSA 25 ensures complete mobility and a long running time. The tool can run for up to 110 minutes on a single battery charge and can also be fitted with a spare battery (special accessory) at any time.
  • Flexible and safe
    At the touch of the button: The grass and shrub cutting blades can be swapped quickly and easily without any tools. This simply involves removing the base of the tool without having to touch the blade.


Superior performance

  • Powerful dual-action cutting blades
    Super sharp: The laser-hardened, diamond-finished blades can cut twigs and branches with a diameter of up to 8 mm. In addition, the two reciprocating blades, which lie on top of each other, are doubly effective and therefore much more powerful. With 2,000 double strokes per minute, they deliver an extremely clean cut.
  • Durable material
    Typical STIHL quality: The transmission inside the STIHL HSA 25 is made of high-grade metal. The battery casing is also exceptionally sturdy with a rubber-coated ring providing impact protection. Bad news for branches, leaves and grass. But good for your wallet, as the cordless shrub shears are bound to give you many hours of pleasure.
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