Waiblingen, 15.06.2020

STIHL honors the best suppliers

STIHL has honored five companies with the Supplier of the Year 2019 award. Among all of STIHL's suppliers around the world, these five stood out on account of their outstanding attributes in terms of quality, technology, innovation, service and cost efficiency. Addressing the recipients, Martin Schwarz, STIHL Executive Board Manufacturing and Materials, underlined the importance of partnerships in which the parties can rely on one another. "We value the close and proactive exchange of ideas that takes place on an equal footing, and the ability to rely on your boldness and creativity in developing solutions to the many challenges facing the world of STIHL," said Martin Schwarz in his speech, which was transmitted to the award-winning companies as a digital video message this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

These are 2019's best suppliers:

  • AKKA Czech Republic s.r.o. (Plzeň/Czech Republic): Development-associated engineering services
  • Weiler-Bau GmbH und Co. KG (Bitburg/Germany): Civil and underground engineering and structural work in building construction and structural engineering
  • Selettra S.R.L (Bentivoglio/Italy): Flywheels
  • KAAZ Corporation (Okayama/Japan): Transmission
  • Radici Novacips S.p.A. (Gandino/Italy): Plastic granulate

STIHL has been honoring the best suppliers for their outstanding performance every year since 1990. To date, a total of 109 suppliers have received this distinction, some of them even several times. 

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