STIHL is recalling the gloves shown below

STIHL gloves recall

STIHL has learned that the above-mentioned gloves are in doubt to meet the legal limits for polycyclic-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

A too high concentration of PAHs is considered harmful to health and it cannot be ex-cluded that wearing potentially contaminated gloves poses a risk to the user.

As a responsible manufacturer, STIHL has decided to recall the mentioned gloves and to withdraw the purchase price.

You have purchased one or more of the above gloves from your local dealer?
Please return the gloves to your STIHL dealer. You will receive a refund of the purchase price even without presenting the purchase receipt.

We ask for your understanding for this precautionary measure. Please take this action in the interest of your own health.

STIHL dealer

Re-introduction of STIHL Dynamic Vent and STIHL ADVANCE Ergo MS gloves from quarter 2 / 2022:

From quarter 2/2022, the gloves STIHL Dynamic Vent as well as STIHL ADVANCE Ergo MS will be available again under the same sales name in a changed material composition. The new gloves are not affected by the recall.
To distinguish them from the gloves affected by the above-mentioned recall, the design has been slightly changed. Please note the changes shown below:

STIHL gloves recall