STIHL cordless technology

Portable, quiet and powerful

STIHL cordless technology – portable, quiet and powerful

Not only powerful, but eco-friendly as well: STIHL batteries impress with high performance, long service life and dependability. The result is world-class performance.

How does a battery work?

A rechargeable battery is a battery that consists of multiple, rechargeable cells ...

The STIHL Battery in Detail

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Battery Handling Tips

Proper battery handling is the most important factor

Advantages of STIHL lithium-ion technology

  • Long life: The interrupting voltage and temperature of the battery are monitored electronically. Optimum battery handling will further increase the battery's long service life. Furthermore, the battery can be charged up to 100 times without any noticeable loss in capacity.
  • No memory effect: The lithium-ion battery retains its full efficiency even if it is only partially discharged and then charged again. This is because it is not subject to the memory effect that can plague other battery technologies.
  • Low self-discharge: When stored properly, the battery will lose very little capacity due to the low self-discharge.
  • Constant performance: The performance of your machine will remain constant over the entire operating time during the battery discharge phase.
  • Lower weight: Lithium-ion cells have a substantially higher voltage in comparison with nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride cells and are considerably lighter with a comparable capacity.