STIHL connected:
Digital Device Management

With STIHL connected, you have an overview of your equipment fleet at all times and from anywhere. This saves time and money every day.

Manage equipment fleets efficiently with STIHL connected.

STIHL connected is a digital solution for managing your power tools, allowing you to organise your day-to-day work intelligently and efficiently. So you can be sure to get the most out of your equipment every day. Intuitive, cost-saving and effortless.

Discover the possibilities:

  • Receive power tool data automatically.
  • Maintain an overview of the machine fleet.
  • Know where your power tools were last located.
  • Benefit from reduced downtime.
  • Transfer servicing data to dealers.

Find out more about the STIHL connected advantages for managing and maintaining your power tools, in a personal consultation with a qualified STIHL dealer.

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Real pro power. Fully connected.

Real pro power. Fully connected

The building blocks for professional power tool management

With STIHL connected, we have created a digital solution that offers you real added value in your day-to-day work. This is provided through the optimal interplay of the following components and applications.

A STIHL Smart Connector and a STIHL Smart Connector 2 A on a workbench. Various STIHL tools can be seen out of focus in the background.

STIHL Smart connectors

The STIHL Smart Connector and the Smart Connector  2 A record relevant operating data and transmit this to the STIHL connected Box or the STIHL App.

STIHL Smart Connectors
A person holding a STIHL AP 500 S battery in their hands. The LEDs of the charge-level indicator are lit up in green.

STIHL batteries

The STIHL AR 2000 L and AR 3000 L backpack batteries and the STIHL AP 500 S battery can be integrated and managed in the same way as power tools, by means of an integrated Bluetooth® interface. This makes it possible to view the charge level, duration of use and serial number in the STIHL connected App and the STIHL connected Portal.

AR 2000 L backpack battery AR 3000 L backpack battery
A STIHL connected Box hung on a workshop shelf. In the background there is a gardener and landscaper interacting with their smartphone.
A person standing in front of the loading area of a platform vehicle on which various STIHL tools are laid out. The person holds a smartphone in their hand with the STIHL connected App open.

STIHL connected app

The STIHL connected App lets you keep an eye on everything, even when you're out and about, and view the status and locations of your power tools at any time. Thanks to the practical "Nearby" function, you can immediately identify if a power tool is missing after an outdoor assignment, so you will never again leave anything behind after finishing a job.

Google Play Store Apple App Store
A person using the STIHL connected Portal on a laptop to view various power tool data.

STIHL connected Portal

The machine data stored in the STIHL Cloud is then available to you to access in the STIHL connected Portal at any time, facilitating evaluation, detailed analysis and efficient planning of your activities.

STIHL connected Portal

Analyse, manage and plan your fleet of power tools and operations whenever and wherever you want. Ask for more information and tips about digital power tool management from your STIHL dealer at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of my power tools and batteries are compatible?

Which of my power tools are compatible with the STIHL Smart Connector?
In principle, many STIHL products are compatible with the Smart Connector. You can find a list of all fully supported STIHL products here. However, the Smart Connector can also be used with power tools from other manufacturers. Please note that the full range of STIHL Smart Connector functions is only available for fully supported STIHL products. These products include a predefined attachment point for the Smart Connector and have additionally recommended product-specific maintenance instructions already stored in the system.

Which of my power tools are compatible with the Smart Connector 2 A?
The Smart Connector 2 A is only compatible with STIHL cordless tools that have been specially designed for use with it. You can view currently compatible AP-System cordless power tools at a glance here. Other compatible power tools are set to follow in the near future. Caution: Devices specially prepared for the Smart Connector 2 A are not compatible with the STIHL Smart Connector. Furthermore, the Smart Connector 2 A cannot be used with products from other manufacturers and STIHL products that have not been designed for use with it.

Which of my STIHL batteries are compatible?
The AR 2000/3000 L backpack batteries and the AP 500 S battery are currently compatible and can be networked via STIHL connected. Further models are set to follow.

How do I setup STIHL Connected for the first time?

To be able to use all available functions, please first complete a one-time registration via the STIHL connected Portal or the STIHL connected App. The created user ID will be valid for both the App and the Portal. Download and install the STIHL connected App – either for iOS  or Android – and log in with your access data. Visit our Support page for a more comprehensive, detailed step-by-step guide to getting set up.

How do I setup Power tools and batteries to STIHL CONNECTED?

Add power tools

Power tools that are compatible with the Smart Connector can be added via the STIHL connected App or the STIHL connected Portal.

STIHL connected App: After launching the App, you will see your product overview under “Equipment”. You can add new products by selecting “STIHL Product” using the “+” icon in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Then simply follow the instructions on your smartphone screen.

STIHL connected Portal: New products are created via the navigation bar in the product overview. Click on the “+” and then simply follow the instructions on your computer screen.

Power tools that are compatible with the Smart Connector 2 A can only be added via the STIHL connected App. After clicking the “+”, select the “STIHL product with Smart Connector 2 A” button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Products from other manufacturers can be added either via the App or the Portal. To do this, select the “Other manufacturers” button.

Add batteries

Adding batteries can be done in either the STIHL connected App or Portal. To do so, select “+” under “Equipment”, then the “STIHL Product” button and then follow the instructions on the screen. Also make sure that the Bluetooth® radio interface is activated on the battery and on the mobile device.

How do I configure the STIHL Connected Box?

To open the configuration page, please scan the QR code on the back of the STIHL connected Box using a smartphone. If this is not possible, you can also enter the access data manually.

You can do this on any wi-fi-enabled device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc.).

Can we help with any questions? The STIHL connected FAQ provides detailed answers and further information about STIHL connected.

Graph of a map with bubbles for STIHL Dealer locations

Logging in and getting started

Register once for STIHL connected and all the functions of the STIHL connected Portal and the App will be available to you. You can also contact your local STIHL dealer directly from the system.

STIHL connected advantages at a glance

Portal and App

Power tool fleet overview
Maintain an overview of your entire fleet any time, anywhere: equipment, operational time, maintenance schedules and more.

Operational time information
Overview of the total operational time and daily operational time for each of your power tools.

Event overview
Overview of upcoming, due and completed events (e.g. maintenance) for your power tools connected to a Smart Connector.
Extra: Overview of faults requiring repair and manual markers for power tools connected to a Smart Connector 2 A.*

Power tool status
Overview of the operability of your power tools: View and modify the status of power tools with a Smart Connector and add information such as notes and pictures to annotate an event (e.g. repair).
Among other things, the Smart Connector 2 A records the status of your power tools and automatically sets the status.*

View the last known geopositions of your power tools.
The “Nearby” function provides an overview of the power tools near you.**

Maintenance management
Notification of standard maintenance requirements for fully supported STIHL power tools and the option to create individual maintenance schedules for your power tools in order to receive corresponding reminders.

Exclusively in the portal

Operational time analysis
To enable you to evaluate the operational time of your power tools, a diagram with operational history provides daily, weekly and monthly figures.*

Speed histogram
Information about the speed range of your equipment to optimise its use and e.g. extend battery life.*

Team management
Organise your power tools and employees into teams. Manage roles and rights centrally in the Portal.

Maintenance management
Ability to disable service reminders.

Dealer contact
Contact your specialist dealer directly from STIHL connected if your tools require maintenance/repair.


* Only with Smart Connector 2 A
** Exclusively in the App

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