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You are not alone touring the virtual STIHL chainsaw production facility. You can get a brief introduction of your fellow tour members with a click on each of the pictures.
Hi, I'm Julia Green,
I'm in my 4th semester of business management studies. Before starting my internship I would like to get more detailed information on manufacturing at STIHL.
Julia Green business management student Julia Green business management student Hello, my name is Peter Miller,
Being a mechanical engineer I have always been impressed with the quality and performance of STIHL engines and power tools. Among engineers STIHL is renowned for utilizing advanced technology and work structures. I have very specific questions to see how STIHL operates.
Peter Miller mechanical engineer Peter Miller mechanical engineer Hello, my name is John Burman,
For many years now, I use a STIHL chainsaw and brush cutter for my property. I am impressed with the quality of these machines and would like to learn more about manufacturing at STIHL.
John Burman STIHL long-time customer John Burman STIHL long-time customer Hello, my name is Jim Seagal,
I am a STIHL dealer located in Springfield, MO, and I am glad to have the opportunity to peek behind the scenes of a STIHL manufacturing plant. This tour will enable me to give better recommendations to my customers on STIHL products.
Jim Seagal
STIHL dealer (Springfield, MO)
Jim Seagal
STIHL dealer (Springfield, MO)