QuickStop Super chain brake

The braking system for additional safety

QuickStop Super Chain Brake

STIHL is the only chain saw manufacturer to offer the QuickStop Super additional braking system. This allows the chain brake to be activated from the rear handle. The chain comes to a stop in seconds if a sufficiently strong kickback occurs or if the front hand guard is operated, and also when the operator lets go of the rear handle.

The big advantage: QuickStop Super works in any operating position – without requiring additional levers or handles. That gives the user additional protection during starting or when carrying the chain saw. It increases safety when doing jobs that require the chain saw to be stopped frequently, e.g. to remove branches. STIHL chain saws with QuickStop Super are indicated by the letter "Q" in the model name

Clear advantages

  • Additional safety: The additional braking system enables the chain brake to be activated rapidly in any operating position.
  • Shorter running-on time: The chain brake brings the saw chain to a standstill in seconds when the throttle trigger lockout is released.
  • Less delay: The saw can be stopped quickly when necessary, for instance to remove branches.
  • No additional controls needed: The throttle trigger lockout also operates the coasting brake.

This is how it works

QuickStop Super for extra safety QuickStop Super for extra safety

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