Quick-release coupling

Like lightning - no tools needed

Quick-release coupling

The quick-release coupling allows the KombiSystem to be quickly dismantled into two parts for ease of transport and storage and swiftly reassembled, all without using tools. Any of the KombiTools can be attached via the quick-release coupling.

Clear advantages

  • Lots of possibilities: Combinations for lots of different applications.
  • Quick assembly: Soon ready to go – without needing tools.
  • Space-saving transport: The parts can be dismantled to fit in any vehicle boot.
  • Ease of storage: Comes apart for easy storage.
  • For every application: Select the KombiEngine according to power and requirements.

This is how it works

First the lawn, then the edges, then the bushes and flowerbeds. No problem – changing the KombiTools is so easy. Just undo the tommy screw to pull the push-in connection apart. That allows the machines to be carried in the boot of your vehicle without any problems and to be stowed away compactly.

The innovative quick-release coupling enables all KombiSystem components to be attached quickly and easily. KombiEngines are available with the universal loop handle or with a bike handle.