Waiblingen, 03.07.2013

STIHL Plans Extension to Chain Facility in Switzerland

STIHL plans to invest a total of over 40 million Swiss frances in an extension to its chain manufacturing facility at Bronschhofen in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen. "This investment is designed to enlarge our manufacturing base in Switzerland and make it fit for the future", explained Joachim Zappe, general manager of the STIHL chain plants.

STIHL has been producing saw chains at its plant in Wil for the past 39 years. The company inaugurated a new logistics building in Wil in January this year. A second chain factory was opened in Bronschhofen in 2008, where 150 new jobs have been created up to the present day. Joachim Zappe outlined the reasons for the extension: "In spite of the strong Swiss franc we expect to see further growth in chain sales in the medium to long term. STIHL saw chains are becoming increasingly popular all over the world."

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