Waiblingen, 09.12.2016

New target groups, new points of sale: STIHL extends its battery range and specialist store network

Cordless power tools for private use extend the STIHL product range. Light-weight, silent and effective, these tools are ideal for applications in home gardens, especially in the city, and come to address a new target group. STIHL will meet the needs of these customers through the so-called "Electric and Battery Partners", the new dealers in urban areas.

New applications, new customers, new sales points: Battery technology increases the scope of application for power tools. Whereas gasoline-powered tools are used primarily on larger property outside town, the silent cordless power tools are ideal for gardens in densely populated urban areas. Therewith, battery-powered products addresses new target groups for gardening power tools, especially also female hobby gardeners. In order to access these clients directly, STIHL is adding new dealers to its specialist store network and has implemented a special "Electric and Battery Partnership Program". The STIHL Electric and Battery Partners will provide a product range specifically tailored to this target group, consisting exclusively of electrical or battery-powered products from STIHL or VIKING, as well as any related accessories.

The goal of the STIHL Electric and Battery Partnership Initiative is that of availing itself of the untapped potential of private customers in urban areas. STIHL specialist stores have been underrepresented in towns so far, but the new points of sale will meet the private-user target group like never before. Short distances and a product range specifically adapted to these customers: these are the best conditions for acquiring new customers. Given the limited product range, which includes no gasoline-based tools and therefore does not cover service for these products, there are also fewer requirements for the STIHL Electric and Battery Partner workshop. The space required by the retail store is reduced, and smaller retails spaces or shop-in-shop solutions may be used in costly downtown locations. The same conditions are valid as for all STIHL specialist partners: Professional advice before selling, handing over a ready-to-operate tool, instructing the buyer on safe operation, and providing aftersales service – all mandatory conditions according to the STIHL guidelines for specialist stores. We anticipate that the first STIHL Electric and Battery Partners will become operational in early 2017.

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