Manual Sprayers from STIHL

Compact, light and precise

Manual Sprayers from STIHL

Handheld sprayers from STIHL allow you to spray pesticides and fertilisers quickly and accurately. From small gardens to medium-sized areas, STIHL offers the perfect solution for every spraying task. The simple-to-use STIHL SG 11 handheld sprayer is the ideal companion in small gardens, while the STIHL SG 31 handheld sprayer with telescopic tube and 5 litre tank can complete other jobs around the house with the utmost of ease. The brand-new STIHL SG 51 and STIHL SG 71 backpack sprayers are ideal for professional use across larger areas. Both tools are extremely robust, offer excellent ease of use and have a large tank for many hours of operation.

STIHL SG 11: Handheld precision

STIHL SG 31: Simple household plant care

STIHL SG 51: Ideal for maintaining large areas

STIHL SG 71: Number 1 choice for professionals