M-Tronic: Cold start. Warm start. Perfect start.

The new STIHL MS 362 C-M chain saw


The STIHL MS 362 C-M chain saw offers professionals outstanding performance right from the word go. No matter if you're just starting up, working away or restarting your chain saw after a break, M-Tronic takes perfect control of ignition timing and fuel dosage whatever the operating status, and with electronic precision. It even takes account of external conditions like temperature, elevation and fuel quality. Letting you get off to a perfect start so you can concentrate on the job at hand – whether you're felling, pruning or bucking.

How M- Tronic benefits you

An easy start

Thanks to electronic cold/warm start recognition there is now only one start position on the combi-lever (▲). M-Tronic calculates electronically the exact fuel dosage. The engine starts after fewer pulls and
with no change of position, and can immediately accelerate up to speed – for strength-saving, faster work.

No manual carburetor adjustments

M-Tronic electronically adjusts the fuel dosage in the carburetor: whatever the operating status, whether starting, idling, partial or full-load. And it always takes account of external conditions. Saving you time and energy.

Optimal engine performance at all times

The control unit uses engine temperature and speed to continually monitor each operating status of your chain saw, feeding in the correct amount of fuel so that you always benefit from optimal engine performance.

Superb acceleration

With the STIHL MS 362 C-M, electronic ignition timing management and fuel dosage ensure fast and responsive acceleration – even from a cold start.

Memory function

M-Tronic remembers your previous settings indefinitely and restores them when you restart the chain saw. So when external conditions are the same, full engine performance is immediately at your disposal every time you start.

M-Tronic technology

The cornerstone of M-Tronic technology is its control unit featuring a microprocessor, electronic temperature recognition and ignition system. The microprocessor represents the “brains" of M-Tronic. All relevant information on the status of the tool feeds into this. The result: an electronically precise supply of fuel – taking operating status and external conditions into account – means you will always benefit from optimal engine performance. It also saves you time and energy since you no longer have to worry about manual carburetor adjustments.

sitebar-teaser-ms362cm-prospekt MS 362 C-M brochure

MS 362 C-M brochure
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