Lubricants and Cleaners

Lubricants and Cleaners
Proper maintenance and care for STIHL power tools is essential to ensure these high-performance machines keep on working reliably. That's why STIHL has developed a range of lubricants and cleaners specifically for these machines.

STIHL Superclean

Spray, cleaner and lubricant for cutting attachments, hedge trimmer blades and chain saws.

STIHL Multispray

Cleaner and lubricant, oil peneration, rust removal and corrosion protection all in one.

STIHL Varioclean

Cleaner for removing organic substances like resin, oil and grass stains from saw chains, guide bars, cutters, circular saw blades and machine housings.

STIHL Superlub FS

This brushcutter lubricant reduces wear and provides increased protection from corrosion.

STIHL Multilub

This grease, formulated for hedge trimmer and electric saw gears, adheres well to metal surfaces and thus provides extremely good protection from wear.