STIHL ¡MOW® robotic mowers

A STIHL iMOW® robot lawn mower is the effortless way to perfect lawn maintenance, as it handles the mowing routine automatically and to schedule.

  • RMI 422

    RMI 422

    Integrated rain sensor

  • RMI 422 P

    RMI 422 P

    Fully automatic robot mower

  • RMI 422 PC

    RMI 422 PC

    Communicative through app control and GPS localisation

A STIHL iMOW® RMI 422 robot mower on a green lawn in front of a house

¡MOW® 4 for small to medium lawns

Our iMOW® 4 robot lawn mowers automatically and reliably maintain any lawn up to 1,700 m² in size. Even tough grass is no match for the innovative blade technology of the iMOW® 4 robot mower, with a robust, double-sharpened mulching blade that cuts grass with outstanding precision.

  • STIHL iMOW® RMI 522 C robotic mower on white background
  • STIHL iMOW® RMI 522 robotic mower on a green lawn next to a bench.

    STIHL RMI 522 C:
    ¡MOW® 5 for medium lawns

    The iMOW® 5 is designed for medium-sized gardens with up to 2,100 m² of lawn to maintain. With its double-sharpened mulching blades, the iMOW® is sure to keep your grass looking great – and the mower is so efficient that you just need a short weekly mow.

  • RMI 632

    RMI 632

    Removable control panel

  • RMI 632 P

    RMI 632 P

    Fully automatic robot mower

  • RMI 632 PC

    RMI 632 PC

    Cuts, shreds and fertilises with its mulching mowing deck

A STIHL iMOW® RMI 632 robot mower in its charging station in a garden.

¡MOW® 6 for larger lawns

The RMI 632 models can maintain large lawns of up to 5,000 m². Our iMOW® 6 robot mowers include an extremely powerful integrated lithium-Ion battery, with built-in smart charge management to maximise efficiency and battery service life; it can charge quickly to finish its scheduled mowing, or supply charge more slowly when the mower doesn't have an upcoming job to do. So you can rely on a STIHL iMOW® 6 to always be ready for action.


Experience the ¡MOW® in action

STIHL offers the right ¡MOW® for every lawn

STIHL iMOW® robot lawn mowers automatically cut the grass, independently circumvent obstacles, can handle gradients of up 45% and autonomously charge themselves when necessary. Fast, dynamic mowing plans and simple, intuitive operation mean that all STIHL iMOW® robot lawn mowers promise complete convenience, so you have more time for other projects.

Why should I buy a STIHL ¡MOW®?

If you’re ready to make lawn care hassle-free, take a look at all the advantages a STIHL iMOW® robot mower has to offer.

Close-up of the blade on the STIHL iMOW® RMI 422 robot mower

Innovative blade technology

STIHL iMOW® robot lawn mowers have a robust, double-sharpened mulching blade for a guaranteed precise cut. The mulching blade means a STIHL iMOW® robot mower doesn't just cut the grass; it also shreds the clippings into tiny pieces and distributes them across the lawn as mulch, which soon decomposes and supplies your soil with the nutrients it needs to support healthy grass. This highly effective natural fertilisation method means that regular mowing results in a greener, lusher lawn.
The rotational direction of the blade is automatically changed with each use, ensuring even wear and a longer service life. STIHL have of course not overlooked safety considerations: if a STIHL iMOW® robot lawn mower is lifted up, the blade stops automatically. A manual stop button offers additional security.

A woman using a tablet while sitting at a table outside

Easy to use

We believe that a STIHL iMOW® should make your life simpler and more relaxed. With that in mind, we have designed it to be especially easy to use, and programming is child's play thanks to the intuitive user interface – no expert knowledge needed. Our C models can even be controlled using the iMOW® app and a smart home system, after initial setup.

Integrated rain sensor

An integrated rain sensor enables STIHL iMOW® robot mowers to pause mowing processes during wet weather. This function protects your lawn, as mowing grass on wet soil can damage its roots. Once it is dry again, the STIHL iMOW® will automatically resume mowing.

A STIHL iMOW® mower outside in the rain

Central cut height adjustment

STIHL iMOW® models feature central cut height adjustment which enables you to quickly set your mower to the desired grass length between 20 and 60 millimetres (8 settings). The adjustment is also very precise, as you can read the cutter bar setting from a scale at any time.

Close-up of the cut height adjustment feature on the STIHL iMOW® RMI 422 robot mower

Maximum gradient

The STIHL iMOW® can work on gradients of up to 45% with ease, adjusting its mowing speed as it goes. So hilly areas are no problem for the robot mower.

A STIHL iMOW® RMI 632 robot mower on a hilly lawn

More practical features

Quiet operation

STIHL iMOW® mowers operate at a maximum volume of just 60 dB (A), so your time in the garden won’t be disturbed.

Practical impact sensors

The reliable iMOW® robot mower can mow even challenging lawns. Its impact sensors enable it to detect fixed obstacles on the lawn, which it then circumvents independently. You can also define the positions of trees, bushes or flowerbeds using the restricted areas function.

Powerful battery

Each of our STIHL iMOW® robot mowers is powered by a lithium-ion battery and has a built-in smart charging system. This allows the iMOW® to charge its battery particularly quickly when it needs to swiftly resume an ongoing mowing process; at times when there is no mowing planned, the battery is automatically recharged using the gentler, slow charging process.

Dynamic mowing plan

The iMOW® automatically creates a mowing plan which is tailored to the size of your mowing area. You can adjust this pre-defined mowing plan at any time to suit your needs and change the active times of the robot mower. The iMOW® is also flexible: if a mowing process is interrupted, e.g. because it is raining, the mower will resume this process during its next active period.

Alarm and PIN protection

These features protect your iMOW® against theft and interference. The GPS location feature on our C models offers an additional layer of security.

STIHL ¡MOW® for smart lawn care

STIHL iMOW® robot mowers are smart machines which are easy to use. Our C models can also be operated using the iMOW® app and a smart home system.

A STIHL iMOW® RMI 632 robot mower in its charging station in a garden.

Operating your robot mower with the STIHL ¡MOW® app

You can use the intuitive STIHL iMOW® app to adjust your mowing plan, access status updates and start or pause mowing processes from your smartphone or tablet.

You can download the STIHL iMOW® app from the App Store or via Google Play.

STIHL iMOW® app for Apple devices STIHL iMOW® app for Android devices

You can access a constant overview of robot mower maintenance information, performance data and other important functions in real time.

With the STIHL iMOW® app you can customise mowing times and create a dynamic mowing plan, wherever you are. You can add active time restrictions and seasonal growth adjustments, and even integrate current weather forecasts into the active times. You can also receive alerts if your iMOW® robot mower is stuck or as soon as the blade needs changing.

The app offers GPS anti-theft protection, which will notify you if your STIHL iMOW® mower leaves the vicinity of your home. You can also access – and share on social media – information about the mowing performance of your STIHL iMOW® robot mower. The STIHL iMOW® app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and also as a web app for your computer. What’s more, because the app uses the STIHL iMOW® cloud, you can always be confident that up-to-date information is available on your devices.

Control via smartwatch

STIHL iMOW® robot mowers include smartwatch compatibility too, for Watch OS, Wear OS and Tizen smartwatches. You can use the STIHL iMOW® smartwatch app to start mowing and edging processes, send the STIHL iMOW® to its charging station, access statistics and easily view the active times.

Voice control using smart home products

All STIHL iMOW® C and PC models can be controlled using Alexa and Apple Home Kit. This means that you can use voice control to start and stop mowing processes or check the current status of your robot mower. In order to activate smart home skills for your STIHL robotic mower, you will first need to connect it to your iMOW® account.

Integration into innogy SmartHome home control system

All STIHL iMOW® C and PC models can be integrated into the innogy SmartHome system. This adds extra smart features to the mower’s standard controls, by means of connection with other parts of the SmartHome system. For example, if there are children who may be running around the garden, SmartHome can detect when the garden door has been opened and automatically order the robot mower to return to its charging station.

A STIHL dealer laying perimeter wire.

Authorised ¡MOW® dealer installation

Nobody knows the iMOW® robotic mower better than your authorised STIHL dealer, and they will be happy to complete installation for you. On request, your dealer can also lay the perimeter wire, install the docking station, create the mowing plan and programme your iMOW®. Why not book a personal consultation to access the expert advice you can expect from a STIHL dealer, with a professional service guaranteed from the very start?

Find your dealer

Installing a STIHL ¡MOW® yourself

If you decide to install your own iMOW®, you just need the perimeter wire and the fixing nails. iMOW® robot mowers are also suitable for lawns smaller than 100 m²; we offer the AKM 100 module especially for smaller lawns.

iMOW® Quick Guide
Installation docking station and routing perimeter wire.

For the iMOW® robotic mower model RMI 422, RMI 422 P, RMI 422 PC

For the iMOW® robotic mower model RMI 522 C

For the iMOW® robotic mower model RMI 632, RMI 632 C, RMI 632 P, RMI 632 PC

Accessories you will need for installation

  • Kit S Installation-Kit

    Kit S Installation-Kit

    Consists of 150 m perimeter wire, 150 fixing pins and 3 wire connectors

  • Kit L Installation-Kit

    Kit L Installation-Kit

    Defines the outer boundary for using the robotic lawn mower

  • ART 220 traction wheels

    ART 220 traction wheels

    Two special drive wheels with all-terrain profile



Is the ¡MOW® robot mower suitable for all garden types?

The iMOW® robot mower is suitable for small, medium and large lawns up to 5,000 m² in size, depending on the model and condition. If your lawn is very irregular in shape, your dealer will be pleased to take a look and find the right solution for you.

What happens to the grass clippings?

iMOW® machines are mulching mowers and do not need a grass collection box. During mowing, the mulching blade chops the cut grass into small pieces; these pieces are then distributed on the ground, where they break down to become an organic fertiliser and help your grass grow even thicker and greener.

How does the ¡MOW® robot mower operate at lawn boundaries?

Low, navigable edges (e.g. terraces or paths at ground level) are accounted for by the perimeter wire in such a way that the iMOW® robot mower cuts the edge of the grass cleanly and thoroughly. For hard edges (e.g. walls or raised terraces), the iMOW® robot mower is installed in such a way that it travels as closely as possible along the edge.

Can ¡MOW® robot mowers be used to automatically maintain two different areas of ground?

Yes, if the areas are connected with the perimeter wire or if you have a second docking station. In the latter case, you need to transfer the mower to the other part each time it needs mowing.

What are the first steps to purchasing and installing a STIHL ¡MOW® robot mower?

Contact an authorised STIHL dealer near you for a personal consultation. Once you have chosen the iMOW® robot mower which is best for you, your dealer can draw a plan of the area to be mown. Your dealer will also be pleased to help you lay the perimeter wire and select the ideal position for the docking station, and can then assist you with programming your iMOW® robotic mower and getting it ready for use.

How often does an ¡MOW® robot mower cut the grass?

Your iMOW® robot mower will automatically create the appropriate mowing plan to ensure ideal grass condition. You may, of course, adjust this mowing plan as you wish and, for example, specify the times at which the iMOW® robot mower should mow the lawn. The iMOW® robot mower will then cut the grass automatically based on your individual mowing plan.

How does an ¡MOW® robot mower circumvent obstacles?

Bushes, flower beds, trees and other fixed elements in your garden can be cordoned off using the perimeter wire. If the iMOW® robot mower detects an unexpected obstacle, e.g. garden furniture, it will use the sensors under its hood to identify the best direction to travel around the obstacle.

Look out, hedgehog!

Your garden may be home not only to pets, but also to wildlife such as hedgehogs. You can find out if you have any wild visitors to your garden by installing a wildlife camera. The camera will record your garden from different perspectives, even at night, and let you know whether you need to take any precautions. You can significantly reduce the risk of injuring hedgehogs by ensuring that your robot mower is only active during the day: hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and are therefore especially threatened by evening or night mowing processes. The operating instructions for your iMOW® contain further instructions on how to use your mower correctly and how to protect wildlife.

Please bear in mind that hedgehogs are a protected species and it is illegal to catch them and remove them from their natural habitats. The only exception is if you are assisting a sick hedgehog, but in these cases, the animal must be released into the wild again as soon as it has recovered.

What safety features do STIHL ¡MOW® robot mowers have?

Every iMOW® robotic mower is equipped with a variety of sensors. The device will stop as soon as anyone touches it or tries to lift it up. You can also set up your iMOW® robot mower so that it can only be operated on entry of a PIN. The manual stop button offers additional safety.

Can I control an ¡MOW® robot mower manually?

Yes. You can do this via the screen on RMI 422/522 models and using the removable control console for the RMI 632. The special LCD screen is easy to read in all weather conditions.

How are STIHL ¡MOW® robot mowers protected against theft?

All iMOW® robot mowers are equipped with an alarm which is triggered if the mower is lifted up. Our iMOW® robot mowers can also be set up so that they can only be operated if a PIN is entered. For C models, there is an additional option that allows you to receive an email or push notification if the iMOW® robot mower is removed from the mowing area – and with the iMOW® app, you’ll always know where it is.

More questions?

Then go to iMow® FAQs, which has even more FAQs about our iMOW® robot mowers.

Summary: STIHL ¡MOW®

  • STIHL iMOW® robot mowers keep your garden looking its best and leave you time to work on other garden projects
  • With fast, automatic mowing and simple, intuitive operation, STIHL iMOW® robot mowers offer absolute convenience
  • STIHL iMOW® 4 models are suitable for mowing lawns up to 1,700 square metres in size; the iMOW® 5 is perfect for areas of up to 2,100 square metres; and iMOW® 6 models can manage areas as large as 5,000 square metres
  • C and PC models in the STIHL iMOW® range can also be operated via app, voice command or as an integrated component in your smart home system
  • STIHL iMOW® robot mowers can now also be protected with special additional insurance cover