Cordless hedge trimmers

Whip your hedges into shape

Cordless hedge trimmers

No matter whether you're trimming, contouring or pruning – with the cordless hedge trimmers your garden will always be a cut above. These lightweight tools ensure a constant stroke rate and feature diamond finished cutting blades for a first class cutting performance. Reliable and quiet, they can be used for extended periods, thanks to their long lasting lithium-ion batteries and cuttingedge electric motor.

Compared to the previous models, these tools deliver running performance that is up to 40% longer while also being an incredible 400 g lighter, allowing you to work for much longer periods of time without feeling exhausted.

HSA 66

HSA 66

The wide tooth spacing and new droplet-shaped cutter geometry holds twigs more effectively in the teeth for a powerful cut. The cutting blade has single-edged teeth.

HSA 86

HSA 86

33 mm tooth spacing and larger intervals on the cutting guard make light work of thick twigs. The cutting blade has doubleedged teeth.

STIHL HSA 25 cordless shrub shears

New: STIHL HSA 25 cordless shrub shears

The STIHL tool for maintaining and contouring small-leaved ornamental trees, shrubs and evergreen hedges, as well as for trimming lawn edges.

STIHL cordless power product advisor STIHL cordless power product advisor

Discover the best batteries for each cordless device.

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The cordless power system from STIHL

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