Filling up with fuel

Filling up with fuel

Before filling up your STIHL brushcutter there are one or two points you should consider with regard to safety:

  • Petrol is highly flammable. Ensure there is a sufficient distance from naked flames. Take care not to spill fuel. Do not smoke. You should select a refilling site at least 3 meters away from your working location where you will start up the brushcutter.
  • Always switch off the engine completely before refuelling. Allow the engine to cool down before filling up, otherwise fuel may overflow and create a fire hazard.
  • Open the filler cap carefully to allow any excess pressure to escape slowly and to prevent fuel spraying out of the tank.
  • Always refuel in a well ventilated place.
  • When refuelling take care not to spill any fuel on the ground or on your clothes. If that happens, clean the power tool straight away and change your clothes.

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