Chain quick tensioning

No tools needed, easy to maintain

Chain quick tensioning

Tensioning the saw chain is very easy with the STIHL chain quick tensioning system. The saw chain can be tensioned quickly and effortlessly by means of the thumb wheel, without using tools. Just undo the screw on the sprocket cover, tension the chain and tighten the cover again. STIHL chain saws with chain quick tensioning are indicated by the letter "B" in the model name

Clear advantages

  • Toolless: There is no need to use additional tools when replacing the chain and guide bar.
  • Quick and easy: Chain quick tensioning makes it very easy to tighten the chain to the correct tension and to mount the guide bar.
  • Easy to maintain the cutting attachment. 

This is how it works

  • Undo the wing nut and open the sprocket cover manually.
  • Turn the little adjusting knob above it anti-clockwise to slacken the chain, or turn the knob clockwise to tension the chain.
  • The guide bar is automatically secured in place when the sprocket cover is re-tightened.

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