Battery Handling Tips

Battery Handling Tips

Proper handling is the most important factor in ensuring long battery service life. You will find many useful suggestions and tips here:

General Tips

  • Protect your battery against moisture, humidity, heat, fire and direct sunlight.
  • Use the battery only at temperatures within a range of -10 °C to +50 °C.
  • Safeguard your battery against unapproved use (e.g., by children).
  • To prevent accidental starting of the motor, the battery should be removed from the machine after use.
  • Use only STIHL chargers to charge your STIHL battery and unplug the power cord afterwards.
  • Store your battery in a closed, dry space in a secure location.
  • For optimum service life and low self discharge, store your battery at temperatures from + 10°C to + 20°C. Ideally, you should store the battery in your basement. There it is generally neither too warm nor too cold.
  • If you store your battery for a long period, e.g., during the winter, it should be stored with an approx. 30% charge. Charge your battery again just before you use your machine for the first time.
  • If you have a backup battery, you should not store it unused, but instead alternate its use with your other battery.
  • Do not open batteries and never use a defective or deformed battery. Defective batteries must be replaced. Please contact your STIHL servicing dealer.

The right way to charge STIHL batteries – how it works

AL 100 charger

AL 300 quick charger

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