Real pro power. With a battery.

A gardening and landscaping team with STIHL professional cordless power tools walks along a street.
A gardening and landscaping team with STIHL professional cordless power tools walks along a street.

New powerful cordless power tools for professionals

  • FSA 135 cordless clearing saw

    FSA 135 cordless clearing saw

    Bike handle facilitates mowing on large areas.

  • KMA 135 cordless KombiEngine

    KMA 135 cordless KombiEngine

    Powerful cordless KombiEngine with high torque and low weight.

  • HLA 135 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer

    HLA 135 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer

    A practical telescopic shaft that provides long reach.

  • HTA 135 cordless pole pruner

    HTA 135 cordless pole pruner

    Cordless pole pruner with telescopic shaft.

  • BGA 200 cordless blower

    BGA 200 cordless blower

    Pleasantly quiet, lightweight and very powerful cordless blower.

  • HSA 94 cordless hedge trimmer

    HSA 94 cordless hedge trimmer

    Cordless hedge trimmer with low blade speed for powerful cuts.


The STIHL AP-System
Our AP-System comprises a wide range of particularly high-performance cordless power tools. Find out more here.

Persuasive features:
the advantages of the AP-System.

Our AP-System is ideal for daily professional use in landscape, garden and tree maintenance and for work by public authorities. That's because STIHL cordless technology for professionals offers impressive high performance, long battery life, and low-noise operation – and what's more, the batteries offer flexible use.

Logo for the AP-System from STIHL in the form of a grey battery symbol

That’s Why STIHL: AP-System

  • A gardener and landscaper prunes a hedge using the STIHL HLA 135 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer.

    More power
    for every task ahead.

    “With the new cordless powerhouses, my team and I have even more power to complete our jobs quickly and efficiently in any situation. The AP-System is really strong.”

    – Viktoria Carstens, forestry worker, gardener and landscaper


  • A gardener and landscaper removes leaves from a road using the STIHL BGA 200 cordless leaf blower.

    for noise-sensitive environments

    “With the AP-System, I can get going straight away. Including in places where work noise might otherwise cause problems before long, necessitating unwelcome interruptions.”

    – Marcel Kickert, forestry worker, gardener and landscaper


  • A gardener and landscaper in orange work clothes mows tall grass using the STIHL FSA 135 cordless clearing saw

    Greater durability
    for longer work sessions

    “Plenty of stamina and at the same time very powerful – lithium-ion batteries offer everything we need to handle longer periods of use and large areas with a high level of productivity.”

    – Tobias Schwartke, gardener and landscaper

Power tool categories in the AP-System


The AP-System from STIHL consists of a range of power tool groups for every area of application in landscape, garden and tree maintenance.

Discover the wide selection of cordless power tools in our product range today:

Graphic with icons of all STIHL professional cordless power tool categories and a STIHL AP-System logo in the centre.
  • STIHL MSA 220 cordless chainsaw from the AP-System

    Cordless chainsaws

    Cordless chainsaws are versatile and ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas: With our lightweight cordless chainsaws, you can perform felling, pruning, cutting to length, and even indoor sawing work with high cutting power.

    All cordless chainsaws

  • STIHL FSA 86 cordless brushcutter from the AP-System

    Cordless brushcutters

    Cordless brushcutters in the AP-System offer impressive power and stamina. At the same time, you can also use them in locations where noise and emissions are unwelcome, such as green-area maintenance in parks and residential areas.

    All cordless brushcutters

  • STIHL HSA 94 cordless hedge trimmer from the AP-System

    Cordless hedge trimmers

    The AP-System offers you a range of robust cordless hedge trimmers and long-reach hedge trimmer powerhouses for professional use. With these tools you can quietly, precisely and easily take care of everything from trimming to pruning.

    All cordless hedge trimmers

  • STIHL RMA 2 cordless lawn mower from the AP-System

    Cordless lawn mowers

    The powerful cordless lawn mowers from the AP-System make professional lawn care quick and efficient for you, while also keeping noise levels and emissions low. Additional benefits include long battery runtimes and short charging times.

    All cordless lawn mowers

  • STIHL BGA 86 cordless blower from the AP-System

    Cordless blowers

    AP-System cordless blowers for professionals are pleasantly quiet whilst also being very powerful, making them ideal for use in inner-city and noise-sensitive areas. They are hand-held, and offer flexible use in confined spaces, or can be conveniently hooked onto a harness for large areas.

    All cordless blowers

  • STIHL FSA 86 cordless brushcutter from the AP-System

    Cordless sweeping machine

    With the cordless sweeping machine from the AP-System, you can clean large areas easily, effortlessly and thoroughly – both indoors and out. Dirt is also very efficiently removed from edges and corners in this process.

    All cordless sweeping machines
  • STIHL TSA 230 Cordless cut-off machine from the AP-System

    Cordless cut-off machines

    With the TSA 230, the AP-System offers professionals a nimble cordless cut-off machine that impresses with a long battery life and high cutting power in daily work. It can also be used in indoor spaces, as it cuts precisely without emissions.

    All cordless cut-off machines
  • STIHL KMA 130 R cordless KombiEngine from the AP-System

    Cordless KombiEngine

    One motor; many powerful options. Both cordless KombiEngines in the AP-System are true all-rounders, as you can flexibly equip the power tools with various KombiTools such as long-reach hedge trimmers, blowers and rotary scissors.

    All cordless KombiEngines

  • STIHL HTA 86 cordless pole pruner from the AP-System

    Cordless pole pruners

    The AP-System also offers ideal solutions for professional tree maintenance. With the HTA 66, the HTA 86 and the HTA 135 you can choose between three quiet power tools for effective pruning or removal of deadwood.

    All cordless pole pruners

A real Stihl power duo:
The MSA 300 and the AP 500 S Battery

The most powerful cordless saw in the world: MSA 300

Robust, ergonomic and with maximum power. The MSA 300 has the most powerful engine for a cordless chainsaw and can be ideally combined with the new AP 500 S battery for professional users – forming a true power duo. With a chain speed of up to 30 m/s and three operating modes, it can handle all sawing tasks efficiently and with low noise output. In addition, the MSA 300 is perfectly balanced and meets even the highest demands of the professional sector.

The best in its class: The AP 500 S

Robust battery with double the service life thanks to power laminate technology. Our most powerful battery in the AP-System impresses with a maximum output power of 3.0 kW – that's 40% more power output than the AP 300 S battery*. You also benefit from 20% more capacity and battery life with all STIHL power tools in the AP-System. Both products will be available from spring 2022.

*only needed for the MSA 300

Simply powerful: The MSA 220 T

A powerful cordless arborist saw for professional use, the MSA 220 T offers many advantages. The electronic operating system with unlocking button enables easy, convenient handling – with high cutting performance. In combination with the AP 300 S battery, the MSA 220 T can make up to 260 cuts in 29 minutes.

Available from spring 2022.

Full flexibility: Accessories in the AP-System

Gardeners and landscapers take STIHL AP-System power tools and a backpack battery from their vehicle’s loading area.

With cordless accessories from the AP-System, you can make individual power tools even more high-performance and more flexible. The range includes, for example, powerful lithium-ion batteries in a range of capacities, comfort carrying systems, practical holsters, and backpack batteries for power tools with a socket.

To the accessories for the AP-System

Innovation for professionals:
The STIHL AP-System

Charge and energy management

With our innovative charge and energy management, you can rely on all batteries being fully charged overnight and your power tools being ready for use – whether you need to work mobile or in one place.

Our battery charging cabinet even enables up to 20 battery packs from the AP-System to be charged centrally overnight. The new bottTainer offers optimum conditions for your batteries and protection against weather and theft while you’re on the road. It also provides you with a constant overview of all the batteries and their charge levels. All you need to connect the bottTainer is a standard 230V plug.

More information on battery charging cabinet (PDF)


Fleet management for professionals

STIHL connected is tailored to the particular requirements of professional users, specifically in the fields of horticulture and landscape maintenance. This means that you can always reliably have an overview of the status and location of all your power tools as well as backpack battery packs, and manage your fleet easily, digitally and efficiently.


Battery life and charging times

The particularly powerful STIHL cordless tools in the AP-System feature very high endurance and power. Here, corresponding tables show the battery life for cordless power tools from the AP-System depending on the battery used, as well as the charging times for various STIHL batteries.

To battery life and charging times


Working in the rain

All cordless power tools in the STIHL AP-System have been designed for daily use, even in adverse weather conditions. With that in mind they are certified as splashproof; the effectiveness of this is also verified through demanding internal checks. The splashwater test is aligned with the IPX4 standard, among others.

Test the STIHL AP-System today

Would you like to experience the power and flexibility of the STIHL AP-System for yourself? No problem – you can test all of the power tools in the AP-System at a dealer near you.

Summary: STIHL cordless AP-System

  • The STIHL AP-System has been designed with professional users and public authority use in mind.
  • The AP-System offers a comprehensive selection of power tools for garden, landscape and tree maintenance.
  • The AP-System features impressively high power, low noise, and extra-long battery life.
  • The STIHL AP-System utilises innovative lithium-ion batteries that offer flexible use.
  • The STIHL AP-System has an intelligent charge and energy management system, and comprehensive accessories.

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