Using water efficiently

Using water efficiently

Water is our most important raw material, energy source and transport medium. STIHL believes it is common sense to use water sparingly and efficiently in production processes and to make intelligent use of natural factors. Purification equipment helps to reduce water consumption in production. Modern building technology makes use of water also for environmentally friendly air conditioning.

The STIHL subsidiary VIKING in Kufstein, Austria, for example, uses groundwater for air conditioning. This method saves electricity and is therefore much less expensive than cooling with conventional air-conditioning equipment. The water is fed through a heat exchanger and the ventilation system is fitted with ultramodern induction outlets. The energy saving compared with conventional cooling is approximately 80 percent. At the STIHL plant in São Leopoldo, Brazil, industrial waste water is cleaned with the company's own chemical-physical waste-water equipment. The installation of this system significantly reduced the amounts of chemicals required. The waste water is collected and processed, and can then be reused several times within the process chain.

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